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4 Ways to decorate your living room

1. Planning is key

Planning is key when you are decorating your living room. Think about the activities you would like to plan in that space. Is it a place where you want to relax? Are you going to work there? Will you be organising dinners with your friends? Ask yourself how you will spend your time in that room and see what areas need more light.


2. Highlight your favourites

You might be having artwork pieces in your living room. A good tip is to use small pointed lights that can highlight either pictures on the wall or any other decorative items in your possession or even statement wall lights. This will add elegance and sophistication to your room. If you want to take this effect to the next level, use it symmetrically to give the illusion of balance.


3. Select your focus point

Let's say that you are having guests over. You can use light to create atmosphere by placing it in the area where you and your guests will be. Light can draw people together.


4. Keep it simple

You might be a big fan of designs in rose gold and white, however, if you add too many elements, or too many different styles to your room it might look like it's too much. Choose items similar to each other, choose a theme and this will open up the space.

Good Luck!

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