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5 Tips on choosing the ideal side table

The key to mastering interior design stays in the way all the elements work together for the overall look of the room. Side tables can transform your space and we are sharing with you 5 tips on how to choose your perfect side table.

1. Master the composition

Whilst decorating, it is important to keep in mind the composition. When the items do not work together, as a result, the space will look more cluttered and less balanced.

A good tip is to choose certain shapes or colours and use that when you choose your side table. Play around with the elements you want to integrate and discover the arrangement that makes you happy.


2. Choose the right size

When choosing the size of your coffee table, think about the functionality of the table. If you choose a table for a space where you will welcome your guests, it might be a good idea to keep in mind that you might want to place drinks, books and other items on your table. You might want more of a statement piece, however, it is important to choose a table that will not steal all the attention from the rest of the room.


3. Add texture to your decor

You can transform the space by adding textures. Without enough textures, a room can feel cold. To choose the ideal side tables, you can go for different materials or for prints. You may choose a table with a marble top, glass elements, wooden top with colourful prints and other combinations that Emporio Arts has to offer.


4. Enhance the dimensions

A great tip is to use furniture in order to create the illusion of a bigger space by using reflective elements. The Urban Spark collection offers a variety of reflective materials that will enhance every space. Moreover, this type of surfaces will add a contemporary touch to the room.


5. Plan your display

When you choose a side table, consider the display you desire. It is beneficial to consider the hight of the arrangements or tall flowers you want to place on top of your side table as it can enhance the space. For a harmonious look, choose a table that will be taller than the objects that it will hold.

Good Luck!

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