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Master the art of using patterns

Turning a room to a space you don't want to leave is an art! You can create dimensions if you choose one of our etching lighting variety. Here are some tips on how you can use lighting patterns in your decor.

1. Create A Theme

When you create a theme, it gives more of a harmonic and luxurious look. Try to use similar elements in terms of colours and shapes. If you choose patterned furniture pieces you like, choose a lighting with a similar effect or to highlight a certain type of aesthetics.


2. Balance is Key

Harmony is very pleasant for the eye! If your room is dominated by straight lines, choose a round lighting or choose a lighting piece that creates a light pattern with circular elements.

Take your decor to the next level by considering the colours you choose. If you are using cold colours, your can choose a lighting piece with warm colours.


3. Add texture the space

You might enjoy more of a simple decor in your project and use neural colours. However, an etching lighting can enhance your decor as it will add more texture to the room. This type of lighting can be the focus point of your room, however, it does not overload the space.

Good Luck!

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