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Our Tiznit Silver Collection – Unique Moroccan Lighting Designs by Emporio Arts

This collection embraces Morocco’s former silver capital (Tiznit) as its namesake. A rare process, used scarcely throughout the entire globe, produces these exclusive Moroccan lights. A variety of handcrafted shapes, sizes and finishes, some of which are inspired by Berber jewellery designs, provide opportunity for incorporation into any project.

These pieces are handcrafted from your choice of several metals such as aluminium, brass, and iron. They can be finished as natural metal, brushed or polished. Colours may also be applied to further incorporate these pieces into an existing design; these choices include gold, black, white, copper, nickel, copper or green patina.

Whichever finish you desire, sunlight will reflect from the surface and create a dazzling display of shadows and light during waking hours. When the sun falls, light carefully escapes from each needle hole, producing a soft, glowing light. With a brighter bulb, the numerous small apertures will dance together and create dazzling displays and shadows on adjacent walls and table tops.

This Moroccan Lighting collection delivers a clever combination of two elements: pattern within the metal structure, and differing overall shape of the enclosure. This renders each light especially intriguing. Since every piece is handcrafted, a unique experience is guaranteed. Even within a set of alike models, there will be subtle differences and each will possess its own unique charm. This original nature of each lantern allows several to hang together and strike the perfect balance between stimulating and harmonious.

Hanging, floor and table bases are available, so employ different models throughout a design in order to blend the space visually. Install the same bulbs inside each lamp within the same room. But, consider using warmer bulbs in resting spaces. Then, use cooler, whiter bulbs in working spaces. The mind perceives white light as task lighting, so ensure a peaceful slumber by avoiding those in relaxing areas. Each piece in the Tiznit Silver collection features strong silhouettes and decorative motifs, so they fall into the Art Nouveau design style quite comfortably. Pair them with rectangular furniture to create an interesting juxtaposition. On the contrary, place them among more rounded accessories to reinforce a feminine space. These curvilinear beauties provide stunning, functional light for any space that needs it. They are sure to elevate a home to a sophisticated level with their thoughtful designs, various available finishes and handcrafted appeal.

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