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Nothing is more personal today than your home. It depicts your personality and is the showcase of your tastes and preferences.

Emporio Arts is a specialist company dealing with the production of handicrafts and moroccan lighting. We have a very big range of the kinds of items we produce. The range varies from contemporary Moroccan lighting to Christmas ornaments such as Christmas balls, votives, candle holders, garden sticks and T-lights.


Our flagship items i.e. our Moroccan lights are made by a pioneering technology which ensures the best quality product is produced which would result in 100% satisfaction to our clientele. 


All our products are hand-made and therefore every product is unique, making it a one of kind work of art






















Our clients are based in several nations around the globe, they would include buyers from USA, UK, Australia, Dubai and many more.


As a mission statement to our customers, we endeavor to provide the highest quality products possible at very competitive prices.


Most of our products are made in iron, brass, and aluminum but they can be customized to be made in any metal along with any polish or colour such as nickel, chrome, powder coating, gold, black, white, green patina or copper.

















We also produce a lot of showpieces such as reindeers, angels, lanterns, photo frames and flowers vases.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It can be used to shape the atmosphere and feel of your space. The effects and use of lighting are vast and should be given the correct consideration when approaching a project.

We offer consultancy on how to best use our lighting products or on lighting in general.

We understand that no interior is complete without some high-impact feature lighting.

Therefore, we create unique bespoke feature lights to help complete your interior and give bar, lobby, stairwell, etc., something special.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding any products. We would be happy to answer any and all questions.
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