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Introducing our Green Patina Collection

The Green Patina is one of our newest collections, based on a green corrosion effect found on bronze artifacts.

Patina generally has indicated a desirable and attractive surface condition indicative of age.

It is an Italian term that has been freely borrowed into other languages.

Patina today is most commonly used to refer to the green corrosion products that form in time on copper and copper alloys such as bronze when it is exposed to the open air or to burial conditions.

Above is a picture of a few of the items we have to offer in the Green Patina Collection. As you can see, they are unique designs which can be used in bars, restaurants and hotels.

These items can come in several different sizes depending on your requirements. As always, our products are all handmade meaning each and every piece is slightly unique!

If you would like more information or if you would like to order, please contact us on 0121 448 3250 or email on

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