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​Emporio Arts website is designed for Trade customers – product RRP’s are shown as a guide only. 

Emporio Arts table_LZ-487-15_LR24.jpg
Antique Copper Frame Lantern with Clear Glass                   RRP £29.99
Emporio Arts table_LZC-177 -16B-GL_LR01.
Antique Copper and Glass Lantern                                          RRP £34.99
Emporio Arts table_LZC-182-15C-CA_LR13.j
 Diamond Terrarium Shape Lantern                                         RRP £29.99
Emporio Arts table_LZ-180-16-CA_LR22.jpg
Antique Copper & Glass Decorative Candle Lantern             RRP £39.99
  Vintage Glass Centrepiece Lantern                                         RRP £24.99
 Copper Frame & Clear Glass Lantern                                    RRP £39.99

All prices are subject to VAT.  All goods sold subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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