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This collection has been inspired by the RETRO TREND which has made a huge comeback this year.

All the lighting displays have a FRESH and MODERN edge which would work amazingly within restaurants, bars and hotels....

The following designs show the variations of colours and shapes which have been incorporated into this one off collection. They can easily compliment a variety of existing interior design themes.

Lighting alone can set the vibe and atmosphere and this industrial collection will ensure your premises stands out from the crowd!

Hanging pendants

Hanging pendants are one of the most popular forms of restaurant and bar lighting, as you can position them over the tables, counter tops or bars. Also, it is a very practical option as it provides easy installation from the ceiling and is an effective way for customers to read the menu clearly.

The below items would give your premises a real nostalgic feel and provide your customers with a "throwback, quirky vibe".

Wall Lights

It is important to make the most of the space which you have! Therefore, wall lights can work as an effective way to boost lighting in dim areas as well as being used as an decorative feature.

For example, the light below could provide the restaurant/bar with some real character.


A recent study found that 72% of people left a venue earlier than planned because it was too bright/poorly lit. Whilst 74% stayed longer than planned as the lighting made them feel relaxed.

Often, lighting in a restaurant is overlooked. However, the above statistics show it is just as important as any other interior design.

When people go out for dinner or to socialise, it is not just the food or drink which makes the experience enjoyable. It is important to create the right atmosphere and therefore you need to understand your customers needs and requirements.

For example, low ambient lighting sets the mood over a table for two whereas LEDs would boost energy levels around a bar.

Where to find us

If you like the look of our industrial lighting collection which has been showcased throughout this blog, be sure to visit our showroom. Based in 105 Carver Street, Jewellery Quarter, B1 3AP.

Or, if you would like a catalogue of our full collection emailed or posted to yourself, please email us on :

We also have items posted on both Ebay and Amazon which can be found on the below links:

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