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Since immemorial times metal has been a valuable element in decoration, mainly because of its brightness, for its light reflection properties, by its neutral tones that combine with almost everything and by the personality that prints to the environments which brings luminosity to a room and gives it a special glamor wherever it is placed.

However, given that there are many metals, each with its particular tone, we will divide this article into the three main metallic tones: silver, copper and gold, and we will show at the end as a finishing touch the possibilities offered the combination of all of them, a very current trend in interior design for 2017.

We at Emporio Arts have a full range of hanging and table lamps covering the three main metallic tones, find more here.


Silver can be considered as a cold but at the same time refreshing metal that brings much light. Understood as the metalized tone by antonomasia, the silver colour is present in aluminum, steel and iron, among others. It can be found in bright shades such as chromed steel or matt, but will always blend perfectly in any environment, since its colour is close to gray, it is an excellent neutral colour with permission from white and black.

Very used in minimalism in its purest and cleanest format, in the industrial style in its most oxidized or worn version, or in the Moroccan style due to the bright shades is part of the furniture specially for lamps, as these examples show on our Moroccan Lighting Collection.


This metallic tone is in absolute trend, you can find a specific article dedicated to decoration in copper and our Emporio Arts Copper Collection, it is a metal more difficult to harmonize than the previous one, due to its strong orange tone, so it usually goes especially well with white and blacks combined with light wood, or with yellow, orange and ocher tones in their harmonious range, but also with green and turquoise as a complementary tone. This material fits in both contemporary style, rustic and even pop.

Probably where else you have seen copper applied is in lighting, since the possibilities are endless. If you are thinking of renovating a luminaire in your house, think about the possibility of including a copper lamp to give it a touch of this latest trend.


Symbol of luxury and glamor for its high price, gold is the metallic tone with which you have to be more careful, since its proximity to the yellow colour, the most brilliant of all the tones, can give off a warm, cozy and avant-garde touch to any stay.

In any case, the gold colour as a tone is like living a second youth and allows to achieve spectacular and elegant spaces. Especially used in the renovated classic style, it is especially well in elegant and refined bathrooms in which you want to give a contemporary touch.


Although the usual thing until recently days, was to opt for a single metalized tone as the basis of interior decoration, nowadays the most daring proposals are based on the fusion of styles and colors, so metallized would not be an exception: golden together with silver, copper with chromed materials.

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