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Every good commercial design concept includes many different elements and strategies that work harmoniously to produce a pleasant space for customers. Among these elements, we at Emporio Arts recommend: the base color scheme, furniture placement and proportion, and of course, accessories which top it off. Without the intricate details and accessories, the space would feel abandoned and uncomfortable. Restaurants should employ plants, centerpieces for the tables and artwork in order to achieve a welcoming atmosphere. This same strategy applies to hotels and bars as well. At the intersections between function and form, we have the lighting. In situations like restaurants or bars, task lighting above tables is very important. The general room must also include ambient lighting for pathways and employees. This allows for the chance to incorporate our Moroccan and industrial collections into your design. The endless combinations of size, shape, material, and colour, ensure that our collections will fit into any hospitality design.

Try some tear-drop pendants which have acquired a gorgeous patina, from our Green Patina collection, for a unique situation over the bar or waiting area. Then incorporate larger pieces like a chandelier from the Industrial Retro collection above each table to allow customers to enjoy their food or friends’ company. A statement piece above the tables will also generate memories and customers may come to associate a fun, distinctive light with your place of business. This could lead to recommendations or even a better flow of regulars. If customers are comfortable and happy in their space within your setup of tables, they will be much more likely to return than if they couldn’t see their food well, or if the bathroom was too dark.

Speaking of the bathroom, many younger customers tend to take selfies in the bathroom mirror, so take advantage of that and use a special light above the sink. Their family and friends will see the light in their photo, and they will always remember where they took it. This could possibly bring in some new customers.

Next, make sure there is enough light for people to walk around and mingle when they are not seated at a certain table. Do this by planning a few large ceiling-mounted lights along every few feet, or by placing several small lights closer together. There should be no dark spots along the floor once all the lights are installed; if you see dark spots, fill them in with table or floor lamps from the Tiznit Silver collection.

Vintage, Industrial & Retro Lighting for Homes, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars & Coffee Shops

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